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Can you help Sooty

25 September 2016
Can you help Sooty

Sooty was picked up off the street 4 weeks ago. He is black, long-haired and elderly about 12-14 years old.  He was found in a very poor condition he was covered in scabs on his face and ears, and his whiskers and eyebrows had been cut off!  He initially spent several days in a vets at Ewell who had to shave him bald from the armpits down as he was so badly matted and that gave him shaving rash as well. He weighed just over 3 kilos and was emaciated. The vet has diagnosed he has hyperthyroidism, bad teeth, arthritis and diaorrhea and originally they suspected possible kidney and heart problems too.

 We don't know what has happened to Sooty in his life to find himself out on the street and in such a poor state of health. He is currently being cared for by one of our volunteers and in their loving care his health is improving but he has already incurred extensive vet costs for tests and treatments and needs ongoing medication for his painful hips and his hyperthyroidism and a special (expensive) diet to deal with his poorly tummy and diaorrhea.

 To get Sooty back to good health is going to expensive and we are appealing to people to sponsor Sooty's treatment to enable him to enjoy good health for his remaining years. If you would like to help Sooty's recovery then please donate via 'Just Giving' by the link below.


 Sooty says thank you.