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Update on the Sooty Appeal

31 October 2016
Update on the Sooty Appeal Sooty has to have ongoing medication for pain and Arthritis but he is improving all the time. When he is a little fitter he will have his teeth done and his thyroid operation. Sooty is a very old cat but he will have care and love for his remaining years.

Thank you to everyone who has donated. the Sooty appeal will remain open and we really hope to reach our target and continue to raise funds as his costs are ongoing.

Here is a report from Hazel his carer:

"Sooty has settled happily and is getting better although we are sorry to learn that he is deaf adding to his problems. He can walk easily now and run a little bit, he can climb onto the sofa if I leave a footstool for him as he cannot jump and will have to be on arthritis medication for good as he is in bad pain. He is a sweet gentle old man and thanks to the kindness of everyone he has a future. He will spend his last years being spoiled. He loves to be carried about snuggling his head under my chin and purring."